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Ourteam develops social media campaigns for Dell products and services. We pridesitself on breakthrough creative strategy, execution, and measurement. We'refun. We're social. We're interactive. We’re growing!

The work ranges from short clips on social media, to animation, scriptedcommercials and longer-form documentary-style videos. We have a verycollaborative environment with talented creatives and professionals fromagencies all over the country – and the world.

Roles & Responsibilities

We’re looking for someone who can shoot, cut, animate, create motion graphics – andsurprise us with other unexpected superhero video skills. Candidates must beable to handle multiple projects and deadlines, while maintaining a positive,team-oriented attitude.

  • Proficient in Adobe Premiere
  • Basic understanding of animation in AfterEffects
  • Experience shooting: photography and video witha DSLR in interviews and for B-roll/event coverage
  • Knowledge of video codecs and formats
  • Ability to deliver specs for multipleplatforms, including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram
  • Great problem-solver
  • Meticulous and deadline oriented
  • Values team collaboration and the opportunityto think outside of the box.
Minimum Qualifications
  • 2+ years ofediting experience
  • Experienceworking for an editorial house, ad agency or other client-focused environmentis helpful
  • Excitedabout learning to fly a drone and 360 video
Preferred Qualifications
Required Skills
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About Dell, Inc.
Dell an American privately ownedmultinational computer technology company based in Round Rock, Texas, UnitedStates, that develops, sells, repairs and supports computers and relatedproducts and services. The company is one of the largest technologicalcorporations in the world, employing more than 103,300 people worldwide.SUBMISSION PROCESS -The following is an overview of key points to validate upon submission of candidates for open job postings. Resume Format Work History - All candidates must have month/year – month/year breakdown in their work history. They should NOT have year – year breakdown in their work history. If your candidate’s resume has year – year (2013-2014) breakdown in work history they will be declined for resume format. Sales Pitch/Summary - Any summary or sales pitch must match the experience listed in the work history. If the must have skill sets are listed in the summary or sales pitch but NOT in the work history, your candidate will be declined for “does not meet skill set.” 2. Right to Represent The following is an updated Valid Right to Represent Format announcement. Candidates MUST sign prior to being submitted toa Dell job posting. Right to Represents are also a part of the audit and willbe requested for any starts listed in the quarterly audit reviews. TWO VALIDOPTIONS:A - Signature from CandidateDocuSign is allowed.A document with a typed in name and date does NOT qualify. Must be an actual signature or a DocuSign signature. B- -Email Confirmation from CandidateResponding email must include the following verbiage from contract worker:I approve X SUPPLIER to represent me to Dell for X JOB POSTING NUMBER, see attached document for detailsPlease note the following verbiage does NOT qualify: 1.Confirmed.2.Thank you, I have attached my resume.

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